Theology Pub…Interested?

I’m thinking of starting a Theology Pub locally.



It would essentially be a place for words about God (and a beverage(s) of your choice). Not an exclusive place for certain exclusive words about a certain exclusive God…just a place for God Talk.

Understand what this means…words about God, words against God, words from people who don’t believe in God, words from those who believe deeply and words from those who move through the no mans territory between.

Atheists, agnostics and believers of all stripes…Jews, Hindus, Muslims, Christians…women, men, gay, black, brown, white, straight, LGBTQ+, ??…human.

Just discussion.

Honest discussion.

Honest means I go as I am…a Christ follower and you go as you are…

We go without the benefit of necessarily being surrounded by the like-minded but this is ok.

The point? Dialogue. Learning. Mutual understanding.

Hidden agenda? None that I am aware of.

I imagine a flat structure – no leader per she but simply a rotation of subject matter. One person chooses a discussion point ahead of time and comes with maybe few minutes to intro the group to why and what about it interests you.

Topic Example – The problem of suffering in the world and God.

Or – What would a world without religion look like?

Or – Can a world with multiple perspectives about God ever learn to get along?

Or – Can science and faith be friends?


You get the idea.

It may not even work. It may not get off the ground. It may last for one gathering…a dozen or a hundred…who knows.

Where to meet? Pub…Rocks on a quiet nite like a Monday-Thursday.


Let me know. Message me or comment. Something like this is bound to evolve…this is ok…it should, change is a sign of life.

We’ll see what happens.

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