I Do Not Understand

MICRO: I cannot say that another’s feelings about themselves are wrong…I can only say I do not understand them.

MACRO: I can say that all people’s feelings about all things are wrong…and that I still do not understand.

In the end all one can say with certainty about anything is that they do not understand.

Coming to an awareness that one does not understand anything can be a freeing moment. It does not have to be frightening. I say this because I believe the drive to certainty that we have is a direct result of fear – fear of the unknown, fear of not being in control, fear of being wrong.

Fear, fear, fear, fear.

Fear is the mind-killer (it is known). 🙂

Out of an awareness that we do not understand emerges the seeds of humility. If I do not understand then perhaps there are reasons for (FILL IN THE BLANK). This should drive a desire to better, (not fully), understand through dialogue…relationship. 

Do you see this? The humble admittance that one does not understand can lead to community. 

Does this mean that the arrogant assumption (even the unintended appearance of arrogance) or projection of certainty can destroy relationships or community? I think it may be so.

I do not understand. This is not only o.k. this is the human condition.

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