What if you found out God was real?

I am posting a link to a video of a recent Youtube video segment of Ray William Johnson and Anna Akana’s show Runaway Thoughts because there is a portion of it that I think is VERY interesting.

Before you watch it you should know that MOST of what you wade through to get to the portion I am talking about WILL offend you aaaaaand likely a lot of the part I am referring to WILL offend you. Lots of vulgarity and language.

But I think its worth it for the section of the video I am referring to – specifically the section in which they answer a viewer’s question “If you found out that God was real what would you change about your life?”

Listen very carefully to this discussion because I believe it is very much the position a large segment of western culture is heading in terms of their views on God – particularly as presented by Christianity.

Once again if you watch it prepare to be offended – you have been warned. Don’t watch it if you get offended by vulgar references to sex and sexuality or bad language.