Led to the Cross: A Sudden Sermon


So I was driving to Winnipeg to pick my sister up at the airport yesterday and while I drive I do a lot of thinking.

Sometimes I get caught up wanting to write things down but I can’t because I’m driving. Well that happened this time. I was thinking a lot about the state of the world these days (which I seem to do a lot) and how divided people are, particularly along faith lines. This both saddens and frustrates me (as I am sure it does others).

I decided to record my thoughts as I was driving so I would not lose them and that is what I am posting below. I apologize for the sound quality and the fact that I am speaking at an odd cadence as well as speaking loudly over the sound of the vehicle. Since I had no notes I had to go slower than I usually would. I also apologize for use the word “verily” for some reason. How odd to use such an archaic word that I never use…literally ever. I have never said “verily” before and I hope never to again.

At any rate what follows is what I am calling a “Sudden Sermon”…simple thoughts on the cross and my concerns about how Christians have been responding to violence and threat lately.


The things we asked before we realized the internet would last forever….

The things we asked before we realized the internet would last forever....

Vampires??? Really Peter? This post celebrates the 20th anniversary of this ridiculous question I asked the internet in 1993 and will serve as a reminder that the internet (and what we do on it) lasts forever. I am glad to see that I have maintained my policy of not being anonymous on the internet – keeps one accountable.