ah i see,
i see
you have come undone
in the raging wind
that pulls your threads apart
and scatters them to the east;
but now
you are no longer bound
to this place and this time,
you are seeds lifted to the skies
and sent into the gray world
as rainbow spot lit shreds
of a previous whole
to touch the uncountable ones.

ah i see,
i see
you have come undone,
you have gone on the run
a glittering, wild presence
under a loving and life-giving sun,
and this is not to be mourned
because you are so much more
to be scattered on every shore
as witness to what you are
now brazen, embracing champion
of what you will become
while a million, million birds
weave you into their nests
and sing songs of nurturing
in your beautiful presence

for you are the stuff of life!

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