The Death of Nuance

It seems the idea of delicate, nuanced complexity is dead.

We are no longer watchmakers (we once were I think, from time to time and place to place), we are apprentice blacksmiths raising our inexperienced fists and wielding hammers that bash out cheap swords and shields as different sides arm for war.

Sides. There are sides now…extreme perspectives and dichotomies that crash into one-another like the endless interplay of angry waves upon a cliff face…and nothing changes. There are always sides but now the middle has been murdered due to their unwillingness to pledge allegiance. If you are not with us, you are against us.

Politics is more of a shell game than ever before as the usual suspects continue to spout the usual rhetoric and we swing between one of two or three choices so well defined that there is no room for an elected representative to voice an actual opinion or vote their conscience without repercussion from the party authority.

All the while we, the audience who are not really onlookers but willing participants urge the battle on from the sidelines and feed the fires with combustive commentary…we fall into entrenched positions that require us to hate every word from Party A and bless every other word from Party B thus showing we have lost our ability to think in favour of simple, reactive, pre-school tantrums in the realm of social media where every sarcastic, witless jibe that lands is responded to with a giggle of glee and a fool’s jig.

In such a state we are as easy to divide as a block of cheese. We are as easy to control as puppies being given their first food in the morning, drooling in thoughtless gratitude for all of the scraps that we are given.

Of course it is not all that bleak.

Each new generation has the option to rewrite things in their own image. All they have to realize is that they are not bound by the conventions and rules of the previous group. They can manifest change through the sheer force of their wills if necessary.

Here’s hoping.

One thought on “The Death of Nuance

  1. This makes me sad. Like you suggest, there seems to be no room to be in the middle, or even slightly outside the rigid lines of Party A or B. Dare to have an opinion that doesn’t fall within the lines, and the stones start flying. Seems like the extremes are moving further apart and are more weighted. I’ll admit that I don’t know where I belong, except that it’s probably not in either party, but I like to think I’m willing to try to understand, give the benefit of doubt and take other’s perspective into account.


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