trapped for a moment

the world beneath the settled skies
does not care a wit for me and mine
not a even a little…

it sighs and breathes through wind and breeze
and dims in the eventide pale blue and orange
without a thought for my vast accomplishments

the earth heaves in places and sags in others
as mountains are lifted and valleys carved
beneath endless canopy of stars who are unconcerned

with me

neither grass, nor hare, nor the cat, nor even the fly at my side
lend much of a concern in my direction

but i am not disturbed by disinclined neighbors;
am i not part of the whole?
a creature amidst creatures; a thinking bit of forever
trapped for a moment with these others
awaiting the journey on…

One thought on “trapped for a moment

  1. Listening to Rollo May interview on YouTube on my way to work this morning ( “The Human Dilemma” ties into your impression put so beautifully into words. He points out that the human being is unique among all plants and animals in that we are conscious of our own impending death and of our freedom. This creates in us a feeling of anxiety (‘a thinking bit of forever’) and our response should be to create as you are doing in your poems and thoughts in this blog.

    He also talks about the endless diversions from our anxiety that the culture offers in its ‘banal pleasures’ or ‘flat happiness.’ We are conditioned to move in certain directions: Earn $100,000.00. Get that promotion. Dance with Bruce Springstein on stage (I made this up). If attempting to attain these goals, we feel a rush of emotion.

    Our response should be intentional: What can I create that will build upon the great wisdom of the past and leave a foundation for others as they live into their futures.


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