Nokia Lumia 830 Windows Mobile: Review

Ok Microsoft – I’ve had it with your piece of shit phone. It sucks ass. It is the worst mobile device I have ever owned (and that is saying something) and I’m stuck with the damned thing for at least another year.

It’s my own fault. The guy at MTS tried to talk me out of it but nooooo I wouldn’t listen. I was all “Hey man, Microsoft makes great products…I’ve have always been a Microsoft man and this phone has some awesome specs and a kick-ass camera” and he was like “dude are you SURE you want this? Microsoft is going to stop supporting it, there’s like no apps for it at all” and I was like “give them time man…Microsoft has had issues before sure but they spent like a bazillion dollars on Nokia which would be the ultimate in STUPID if they were just going to throw it all away with crap support and no long-term strategy.”

Geez was I sooooo wrong. Microsoft took a great phone company and absolutely destroyed it.

The real kicker here is the Nokia Lumia 830 is a FUCKING BEAUTIFUL phone. REALLY nice design with a wonderful metal frame and interchangeable snap on backs in different colours, wireless charging, a freaking Karl Zeiss optics based camera, a Micro SD card slot for expansion etc.

Hardware is awesome – but then Microsoft came along and crammed their corporate ass up against the phone and filled it with SHIT.

At first I thought that Windows 10 Mobile would be the beginning of significant improvement…once again WRONG. NOTHING WORKS. NOTHING.

This is not an exaggeration – every time one thing starts working another stops.  I was just learning to love the awesome swipe style key pad and BOOM – stopped working. All tap all the time now and no fixes anywhere.

Apps stop working in mid use and vanish for no reason. Texts will show up hours late or not at all. Lately when I push the camera button while the phone is at rest the screen goes into an on-off fit until I physically power on with the power button and tap the Windows button.

Did I mention there are no apps for it? Oh there are tones of apps – just nothing that anyone wants to use and more keep dropping out every day.

The good news is it seems to manage phone calls reasonably well (which shouldn’t feel like a plus with a mobile phone).

All in all this is my fault…I was warned in all the research I did. I was warned by friends. I was warned by the sales guy at the phone store…

…and now I’m warning you…don’t buy one. Unless things significantly change in terms of app support and OS it would be a HUGE mistake.

Who knows – maybe they’ll support Android before my year is up…

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